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Microelectronics Group

JAP 117, 053910 (2015)


We demonstrate, at room temperature, the strong coupling of the fundamental and non-uniform magnetostatic modes of an yttrium iron garnet ferrimagnetic sphere to the electromagnetic modes of a co-axial cavity.


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Nature Nanotechnology 2014


We report the experimental observation of charge pumping in which a precessing ferromagnet pumps a charge current, demonstrating direct conversion of magnons into high-frequency currents via the relativistic spin–orbit interaction. The generated electric current, unlike spin currents generated by spin-pumping, can be directly detected without the need of any additional spin– charge conversion mechanism.

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Phys. Rev. B 90, 140503(R) (2014)


We observe the real-time breaking of single Cooper pairs by monitoring the radio-frequency impedance of a superconducting double quantum dot. In addition, we measure in real time the quasiparticle recombination into Cooper pairs. Analysis of the recombination rates shows that, in contrast to bulk films, a multistage recombination pathway is followed.

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